Reduction of IMR & MMR

Reduction of Infant & Maternal Mortality and enhancing Institutional deliveries among the Chenchu a Primitive Tribal Group: According to Tribal Welfare Department the Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) & Maternal Mortality among the Chenchu community is 215 and 700 respectively. The IMR&MMR among the Chenchu community is high due to chronic malnutrition and lack of immunisation and medical services. BDS has conducted a household survey to identify pregnant& lactating women and children between 0-6 years in 30 habitations of Prakasham district and facilitated to issue health cards and ensured immunisation and nutrition services to the children and women in all the 30 habitations by empowering the community and motivating the Angan Wadi Workers and health staff.


Mrs. Parvathamma of BDS empowering the pregnant women at a remote Chenchu habitation.


 BDS health worker’s visit to houses to identify pregnant women in a Chenchu habitation.

BDS also empowered the community on the importance and usefulness of safe deliveries and ensured more women to seek delivery services at the PHC’s. Simultaneously BDS also sensitised the health staff and ensured their presence in the PHC’s to conduct deliveries. The attitudinal change among the Chenchu community to seek services at the PHC’s and the availability of nutritious food, immunisation and medical services at the habitations and PHC’s has brought down the IMR from 215 to around 75 and MMR from 700 to 400. Institutional deliveries increased from 20 to 76. BDS has demonstrated that the decline of population can be arrested through concerted effort despite of all odds. July 2, 2013, Chenchu women turn the tide K. Venkateshwarlu