Land Distribution

Recognition of Forest Rights Act 2006 recognizes and grants title deeds to the forest lands up to 10 acres per family to the scheduled Tribes and other traditional forest dwellers who have been residing in such forest for generations and whose rights could not be recorded. BDS has prepared the Chenchu Community to take advantage of the Forest Act by organizing meetings of VTDA Presidents and Secretaries since 2006. BDS facilitated Chenchus to file claims before the Forest Rights Committee and also prepared the relocated families to go back to their original places of habitation. Land rights to an extent of   5700 acres are given to Chenchus of Prakasham district. BDS is making efforts to resume the process of conferring rights under RFA2006 which has been stopped on a directive from the National Tiger Conservation Authority. On behalf of Chenchu community a letter is drafted with all the enabling provisions for completion recognition of Wildlife Protection (Amendment) act 2006&RFA 2006. Also loat the come toW is lobbying  with through media against relocation of Chenchus from the core area