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Arresting epidemics in tribal areas of Andhra Pradesh- To improve access to safe drinking water and prevent frequent outbreaks of gastro enteritis in agency areas of Adilabad district AP: During 98- 99 streams & pools dried up due to severe summer and with the onset of monsoon these pools and streams received fecal material along with water from the rains. Tribals used water from the above sources and started suffering from loose motions and vomiting. Several hundreds of tribals have died and many habitations were abandoned. BDS in collaboration with CARPED under took a fact finding mission and a comprehensive report was submitted to the Health Secretary and President, Congress Legislative Party. Filed a PIL in the High Court to pressurize the Government to take up extensive measures to control the GE outbreaks in the tribal areas.. As result of the PIL 10,000 water samples were collected for analysis and a compensation of Rs 40 million to 400 Tribal families who have lost lives due to Gastro enteritis and malaria was paid. The project was supported by CRY.

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