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Improving access to safe drinking water in the high fluoride zone of Nalgonda District, A.P: People from 263 villages and 397 hamlets of Nalgonda Dt. are consuming water containing 2 PPM to 13 PPM of fluorides against the recommendation 1.5 PPM. The residents of these villages having resided there since birth are affected severely due to ingestion of fluorides through drinking water. Some of these villagers had been thoroughly investigated in fifties and found that they were suffering from only dental and skeletal Fluorosis and where as the recent studies confirmed the presence of classical features of Fluorosis such as Kyphosis, sclerosis of bones among the elderly residents and Genu valgum and genu varum exclusively among the younger age groups.  Over 90% of the subjects affected with genu valgum & varum belong to the poorest sections of the society, who are malnourished. 

Crippled adult & the crippling process just started in both the children. Female child has non skeletal fluorosis also.

             Crippled adult and the crippling process just started in  children.


Skeletal and non Skeletal affected female child and a crippled woman.

To facilitate for the provision of fluoride free water to the areas affected by fluorides at the earliest, BDS conducted a study in 60 villages and organized a public hearing on 10.11.2002 at Nalgonda by mobilizing 1600 crippled people of all ages and sexes from endemic fluoride areas.  Affected people, elected reps. CBOs, NGOs and Media persons have presented their problems / views to the panel members.  The issue was highlighted by the local and the National Print and electronic media.  Some news papers even wrote special articles and editorials on the issue of Fluorosis. The panel members also apprised the Hon’ble C.M of A.P about the situation and requested for speedy implementation of the drinking water schemes in endemic fluoride areas of Nalgonda Dist. All the hurdles which came in the way of execution of the drinking water schemes were removed and work related to all the habitations is completed and these habitations are being provided fluoride free water.  This is an achievement owing to the concerted effort of all the people and organizations involved in this issue. Fluorosis victims pour out their woes at public hearing The Hindu Nov 11-2002. Manjira basin villagers cry for justice - The Hindu May 15, 2005.‎.


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