Child Health

Surgeries to children suffering from congenital heart diseases (CHD): CHD is a growing and neglected problem in India due to lack of awareness, facilities, shortage of Cardiac Specialists and financial support. CHD patients in India often live and die untreated. This is extremely ironical considering that all the forms of congenital heart diseases are completely treatable by surgery and medication. After the treatment the child can lead a normal life.  While this is the scenario at the national level, the situation in the state of A.P is quite encouraging because the GOAP has yielded to the pressure of MRPS and came out with a scheme to treat all the children below 12 years of age with CHD in the state.  6300 children were diagnosed for the heart diseases, a scheme is designed to treat all the children with CHD by involving govt. teaching hospitals and private corporate hospitals. Rs. 16 Crores has been allotted for this scheme. Private Hospitals which have agreed to provide treatment to these children have started postponing the surgeries and treatment on various pretexts and also collecting money from the parents.

BDS gave representation to the Principal Secretary Health, Medical and Family Welfare Government of AP on 18-6-2005 and apprised him of the field situation along with a few parents and requested the Secretary to take measures for speedy conducting of surgeries. The issue is also covered in the press.  Slow progress in child heart surgeries-  


Slow progress in child heart surgeries K. Venkateshwarlu. The Hindu 07-02-2005.

Government of AP instructed Director of Medical Education (DME)   to evolve a mechanism whereby the DME office gets the information from all the Government Teaching Hospitals, Private Corporate Hospitals and Kadapa District Collector & send the information in a tabular form every month to Govt and special sec to Chief Minister.  Finally DME is also instructed to inspect the government and private hospitals which are involved in this scheme. 

A PIL is also filed in the high court of Andhra Pradesh by Secretaries of BDS and CARPED and requested the court to give directions to the government and private hospitals for speedy implementation of the child Heart Surgery scheme. The PIL brought to the notice of the High Court about the social responsibility of the Corporate Hospitals which have availed concessions in the form of land, custom duty exemptions and referral services in exchange for free treatment to the poor patients. The writ also exposed the corporate hospitals which have collected money for diagnosis, treatment and surgeries. A few case studies were also presented to the High court to high light the negligent attitude of the corporate hospitals. 

Director of Medical Education submitted a proposal to government for improvement of infrastructure and staff facilities and estimated increase of surgeries in the government teaching hospitals. Till now around 4500 children have been treated under this scheme. The above children and their parents are happy and these children are leading normal lives. The GOAP then conceived Arogiashree and implementing the scheme through corporate and government hospitals.   Child heart surgeries put on backburner - Times off › Collections‎. AP CM, hospitals con kids Roli Srivastava, Mumbai Mirror, Friday, November 25, 2005. Programme is supported by Sri N.Bheema Rao Principal Accountant General (Retd).