Mission and Philosophy

To address the basic needs of silicosis affected and their dependents and also the development of marginalised communities in the society. BDS emphasizes on making policies more people oriented and their implementation in a simple and transparent manner.

BDS’ understanding of community development is based on the belief that communities and marginalised sections of the society would be able to collectively ensure better living conditions if they are organised and educated by making use of the opportunities available to them. BDS’ basic thrust therefore is on facilitating the communities to be part of the efforts in analyzing their situations or informing them of the same so as to enable their involvement in evolving strategies to address the issues. Thus, BDS’s activities are focused on action research, information dissemination, mobilisation, advocacy and assistance. Strategic approach to developmental efforts consists of capacity building of the community, resource mobilisation and management of government sponsored welfare measures. 

Besides, it continues participation in networks, campaigns and movements to facilitate peoples’ development especially in the areas of human rights, education, participatory governance and community management of natural resources. It believes in the strength of the elected representatives in addressing the vital issues of people’s interest and identified a few of them and enlisted their support after orienting them thoroughly on the issues. This approach has paid rich dividends and probably this is the reason why BDS has attempted a wide range of activities. BDS has also adopted the concept of public hearings to solve/ speed up the execution projects that bring solace to lakhs of suffering people across the state.


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